Department of Health Releases Medical Marijuana Report

On March 28, 2018, the NJ Department of Health issued its report on medical marijuana in response to Gov. Murphy’s Executive Order Number 6. The Report suggests ways that the Department intends to modify the existing Administrative Code, which the Department can do without legislative changes, and makes some recommendations to the Legislature to adopt statutory changes. Governor Murphy then […]

New Proposed Medical Marijuana Bill

On March 5, 2018, Assemblymen Gusciora and Eustace introduced new legislation (Assembly Bill, No. 3437) to revise New Jersey’s medical marijuana program. The proposed legislation would make substantial changes to the existing law and address many of the roadblocks that medical marijuana advocates have complained impeded New Jersey’s medical marijuana program. The legislation would create three regions: northern, central and […]

Legal Cannabis is a Jobs Creator

While there are many social justice benefits to legalizing recreational cannabis, the economic benefits cannot be overlooked. Studies show that Washington and Oregon had 22,952 and 11,295 full-time cannabis jobs, respectively. This is obviously a huge benefit to any economy, as nationwide it is estimated that the cannabis industry worth $10 billion dollars a year. Estimates suggest that New Jersey’s […]